plant stolen!!!!

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  1. so i go to my grow and all i see is a damn note with a smiley on it and thanks written under it ................. this bud was sooooo nice and big it was only flowering for 3 weeks but had some good potential my guess is they took it with the roots to take indoors because their was no roots wen i checked but i do have one more plant in another spot its alot smaller its topped but i want to move it indoors i dnt want the same thing happening again whoever this guy was he really fucked me but do i have anything to worry about with taking thisone indoors the way i planted it was kinda diffrent i had two plants in one pot and i was too lazy to separate the roots so i just cut the stem and stuck it in water for about 4 hours then i planted outside in a small hole and watterd for sevral days will the roots be fairly small or what should i expect will a gallon jug be big enough for it and will it stress because its already flowering u guys have no idea how bad i want my old plant to die or go hermi on him
  2. That sux.That happened to me a couple years ago, least you got a fucking note I didnt even get that. Damn rippers.
    Mine weren't even in bud did they do smoke leafs.
    What a waste...
  3. Fuckin' thieves ...
    I don't quite get where you're going with you other plant, but I commiserate as I've lost almost $3500 to thieves in the last 6 weeks (not pot).
    I'm currently baiting a trap with my bike because I'm so pissed.

    Best of Luck,
  4. dude im really sorry to hear that. people that rip off plants are fucking assholes.

  5. Get a pencil and shade over the paper on the note they left you. You might be able to pick up somthing they wrote on the page before the note they left you. Some people press hard when they write. seen a murder mystery solved this way. :)
  6. Did they leave a period on the note at the end of the sentence?
  7. Ya know, It takes an Asshole Deluxe to rip you off and then leave a Smiley Note ...
  8. man it was like a small 8x8 cardboard thing kinda like the back of a notebook but smaller every year i loose something but this year i didnt have much so im bumed i never got a note it was less scary didnt think cops took it, need to get this other plant inside u guys think its genna be ok?
  9. plant one out there again next year... wait for the dude....sucker punch him and
  10. People who rip off other people are assholes.
  11. Wait you cut the plant at the stock and are just hopin for it to reroot? or I hope I miss read that
  12. Dam rippers!:mad::mad:
  13. the guy i got my clones from had a patch of like 8 stolen from him last year. this year he put 3 in the same spot and hung fishing line with small fishing hooks across some trees near some of the entrances eye level. if the guy comes back hes in for a special treat :eek:
  14. Ahhh, so your friend is one of those assholes who give OD guys a bad name ... nice

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