Plant starting to yellow and shrivel

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  1. I looked at my plant probably about 12 hours ago and it looked completely fine, and now that I look at it some of the leaves have a decent amount of yellow on it and a couple of them are even folding a bit and looking crispy. I havent done anything to it in this short time so I dont know what could have done it. I fertilize it usually only 2 or 3 times a week max and Im using 2 42W flurouscent daylight bulbs

    does anyone know what i can do to stop this? its happened to me on a couple plants in the past and i still havent got much of a successful harvest. I used to have very little air ventilation in my grow box before but I gave it a big hole to vent out air which seemed to help, but now it looks like the same thing might happen as previous plants
  2. Don't add fertilizers during vegetative growth. Wait until you flower the plant. It sound like 2-3 times a week is too much fertilizer for the plant.

    My issues, and this is the 1st grow this the issue began after the plant was flowering. To fix my problem, I will have to get the MG Bloom Booster. Never had issues with it. It's lighter fertilizer than the Schultz stuff I had to use this grow.

  3. need more info and a'll be easier for us to help you.

    growing medium?
    what nutes are you using?
    ph / run off?

    I'm assuming that you're growing in soil and have salt build up in the soil, as you stated you give them nutes 2-3 times per week. If that's correct, I'd flush with plain, ph'd water to help get that build up out of the soil(NO NUTES) and check the runoff ppm's and ph.

    A good water / nute schedule for soil is: water, water, nutes, water, water, nutes. Meaning every 3rd time that you need to water you're going to feed them.

    What are the temps in your grow box?
    What's the rh?
  4. it sounds like over fertilizing to me. flushing and patience will help.

    here is what i've found through experience and maybe it will help you.

    after i fertilize it takes about 3 days before i see any result/change in the plant. so i always wait at least 3 days before i make any other adjustments. after about 7-8 days the plants have used all the nutrients and its usually time to feed again.

    i keep a journal on every grow and that has been very helpful for me.
  5. Always keep a record to track your moves, it helps to figure out what worked and what didn't. I attached a form I made in Word format, either fill it out on the computer or print it and do it by hand.

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