Plant starting to wrinkle at the top

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BloodClartBob, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. IMG_20190701_071916.jpg IMG_20190701_071926.jpg IMG_20190701_071940.jpg IMG_20190701_071916.jpg IMG_20190701_071926.jpg IMG_20190701_071940.jpg My girl is starting to wrinkle at the top? I was experimenting with the main lining technique (which didn't go so well) I cut away all crappy parts a few weeks back and she recovered beautifully, changed medium to an all purrp compost with 40% perlite, giving no nuets as of yet, then all of a sudden she has started to wrinkle, I live in the UK where it is currently quite hot, but have a tower fan in there to keep it cool using a 300w led. Can anybody help me diagnose the issue please

    Thanks in advance
  2. Lights may be too close.
    Too many nutrients.
    Fan blowing on leaves too long.check those 3
  3. Looks like it got cooked. But ya got one good lookin leaf if those pics wonder if that’s new growth. I’d let it do it’s thing for a week or so and see how it look. Mainlining is pretty stressful on a plant if it’s not thriving and doing well. Lst with 6 weeks veg works pretty well and isn’t that stressful ya just top 1x and continue to tie the plant down. May look to it for next grow.
  4. Don't mist water on leafs either.
  5. Thanks for responses think I'm going to leave it for a week or so and see it looks any better might leave the fan blowing against a wall on tent so air is moving but not straight onto growth if that makes sense
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  6. Thanks for all the responses I left the girls for a week and let them dry out then gave a good water there looking great now would you agree?

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