plant starting to wilt......

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kasino, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. ok this is my 2nd grow
    i germinated sum a few seeds i had germinated on March 22nd
    have them under a 250 watt light
    by march 23 they sprouted with 4 leaves
    it is now march 28th 2013 and my plants are startin to wilt
    i water them with plain room temp h20 and have had them under 24hr light since planting them a few days ago

    sorry no pics yet.......i was gonna wait and take them after they turned a week old, didnt know i would have this prob


  2. (pics would really help.) what exactly do you mean by wilting? is the stem getting really long, and the plant is falling over? if so, your light is too far away, and the plants are stretching.
  3. Let's get some basics here. What size container are they in and how much are you watering them? I assume you are in soil? What are your temps and how close is your light to the plants?
  4. i jus took pis n will load them in a few
    its about 70/75 degrees
    the pots are a gallon
    water them twice a day morning n evening
    24 hr light
    lights are 1.5/2 ft away from plants
    they looked moist when i made this post 6hrs ago
    went to sleep n now they look dry
    my wife said the soils were dry so she watered them
    n now i have this
  5. What kind of light are you using? 250w what?

    Watering twice a day is most likely your problem honestly...
  6. Agreed once those pics are up we can do more assessments seems . What's your feeding regiment
  7. I took these pics at 730am
    Is there any thing i can do??
    One of them is not dead so i know i still have a chance with that



  8. At this early stage of plant life three only thing that could really going on is a bad environment

    Too hot or cold
    No ventilation or badly vented
    Incorrect lighting / distance
    Improper grow medium

    Of ours already showing signs of throw them out and re evaluate you're set up
  9. They don't look terrible. Watering 2 times a day? should prob only be watering once every 3-4 days. Just because the top feels dry doesn't mean they need water. Go by how heavy the pot feels.

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