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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jj420aded, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. When does the plant/grass smell leave the buds

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  2. Grass as in marijuana smell, or as in "it smells like grass or hay"?

    If "marijuana smell" it doesn't.

    If "grass or hay" don't bother smoking fast dried it, and it now tastes like a combination of cat piss and hay.
  3. If you really want to preserve the smell/taste you need to do a nice slow dry 4-5+ days and then cure for 4-6 weeks.
  4. I did dried it for 6 days an the smell never changed it smells the same as when I choped it dwn

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  5. I thought that the smell come out during the cure

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  6. It usually will start to develop during drying and become more pronounced as you burp the jars...

    Unless your plant was still full of nitrogen while you harvested. That can leave a gross kinda smell to it.
  7. Have you been curing it in glass jars? That's he way to go. The smell just builds and builds.
  8. Here's a thought, because i find your question strange; did it ever smell like bud? is it even bud? I have plants that are two weeks into growing that dont smell like "grass" anymore. and those are the "whatever" plants. the blue dream and sour OG that i have in a grow box in a closet are like 3 inches tall and make the room smell like bud already and they're a ways away from flower. 
  9. I just harvested my auto northern lights an through out the grow it didn't have a strong smell to it I harvested when all trichomes were cloudy At 10 weeks. Gave it a 2 week flush during the end. 6 day dry an I put it in mason jars two days ago

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  10. Woah...where the hell you drying that you can do it in 4-5 days? Takes a minimum of 7 in the hang, and 5-10 in paper bags, before cure, up here.

    I tried a short dry (5 days) once...manky as hell.
    Tried a speed dry (2 hours in a food dehumidifier at lowest setting, then 3 days on the hang, no bagging), it smelled and tasted like hay...after cure, it STILL smelled and tasted like hay...that a cat had pissed on.

    And it wasn't atmospheric nitrogen,

    As I've said before...I managed to grow my first plant in ridiculously shitty conditions, and the result...basically all you could say for it was it'd get you high...but it was enough to get me off and running doing it so I got "the right results".
  11. I hung dry the whole plant

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  12. I'm curing right now how long do u guys burp the jars

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  13. Open 'em once a day for about 5 minutes is all it takes. Some folks say you can just crack 'em, shake 'em to rotate the bud for a more even cure, and seal 'em back up. Dunno how effective that is, as I've never tried it, or smoked any I KNOW was cured that way.

    Hang dry is that first dry I was talking about. 7-10 days needed up here to get it dry enough to be possible to do the "paper bag" properly. Then another 7-10 in paper bags in a dry dark place, shaking them daily to evenly dry, then cure for 10-20 days MINIMUM.

    That's what works up here for best quality/taste. May not be true everywhere. For instance, I don't think it'd work as well in a garage in West Texas. They'd be dried to uselessness, I'd guess.

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