Plant Sick or Normal? *Pics*

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  1. its good to have a fan on them. my plant started to look like yours because i was underwatering and hadnt turned my fan on for a few days so they started to shrivel like that. i noticed it was warmer in my box with the fan off so thats why i asked.

    have you tried flushing, that also helped me
  2. What is the process of flushing? I dont know exactly. Thing is I need to somehow test my soil PH with the digital PH meter first.
  3. you can test soil ph with your digital meter by watering until you get runoff from the bottom of the pot and test it, that will give you your soil ph.

    whatever size your pot is use twice that amount of water to flush
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    Will I not overwater the plant like that?
  5. as long as your pot has a way for the water to drain, no.

    the soil can only hold so much water so all the excess will drain out of the pot
  6. wow, lots to answer....

    the soil probe meters are shit, you are better off guessing at your ph. Flush the plant with proper PH water until the runoff measures your desired level. You should be shooting for anything between 6.5-7.0, with the sweet spot being around 6.8.

    ro is "reverse osmosis", basically the cleanest water you can possibly get. You need a RO filter to produce it. They will cost about 100 bucks.

    rain water should be good, but you need to PH it first. It should be 7.0, but it could be acidic (ie. acid rain).


    nutes and bugs are not your problem.

    it isnt from under watering. Twisty leaves is a sure sign of PH problems. You need to water until you get 20% runoff.

    wind doesnt hurt anything. the more airflow the better.

    You can not over water a plant by soaking it one time and letting it dry out. You over water by watering too often.

    see answer #1 for instructions on testing your soil PH.
  7. thanks alot for your answers grrower. what kind of water should I use, because in order to use that amount of tap water I need to wait for another 24hrs for it to stand and I rather do something now, can I use mineral water?

    Also the infection keeps getting worse, but it seems that its mainly on the first set of leaves that came out of the plant, weird? take a peak

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  8. What kind of light bulb are you using and how near is it to the top of your plant?
  9. im using a big 200W CFL lamp, and the top of the plant is about 4" away from it but the temperature around there is always below 22 degrees celsius
  10. Even if the temps are low it might be that your plant is getting to much light and your leaves are drying up. 200w cfl is equal to a 1000w hps. I would keep the bulb at least 6'' to 8'' away and see what happens!
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    What's the best water? the wet kind, of course :D.

    I understand you wanting to do something now and having tap water means you need to evaporate the chlorine. If you are determined to do something today, goto the grocery store and buy however many gallons of distilled water you want. Distilled water has a PH of 7.0 right out of the bottle.

    be sure to get distilled water and not spring or mineral water. The PH can vary for those.

    It is not an infection. Your plant is deficient in certain nutrients because the soil PH is (likely) too low and the plant can not absorb the nutes even though they are present in the soil.

    This usually starts from the bottom of the plant upward. Older growth will be affected first as the plant eats itself to continue growth since it cant absorb what it needs.

    I have a 200W CFL as well. It's a nice light. Not as good as a HID, but it will do the job. 4" is a decent distance to keep it away. If you can get it closer without burning the plants, then go for it.

    remember that once you flush the soil enough to lower the PH, you will have washed out all the nutes as well. Upon your next watering start veg fert at 1/4 strength.
  12. wat 200 watt cfl are yall uaing? link?
  13. plug and grow lamps the first one is the one im using.

    There is no distilled water (not even purified) sold around my area, I got some spring water instead though since it was like 50cents but I am not sure if I should use it.
    Any water experts around here? :D
    Its a 5litre bottle with 7.4 PH that has 55mg Calcium, 16mg Magnesium, 2mg Potassium, 15mg Sodium, 240mg Bicarbonate, 28mg Sulphate, 5mg Nitrate and 11mg Chloride.

    I am not sure if that even means anything to you guys but could there be any problems with this one? Should I just boil as well?
  14. thanks for the link.

    distilled water is sold everywhere, i see it in corner stores around here. look in the isle with baby food or baby milk
  15. Why exactly is soil with nutes bad? And if this isn't a cause of this, then it has to be pH.
  16. soil with time release nutes are bad because they will release too many nutes and cause the plant to get nute burned
  17. they just dont sell distilled water in the UK, only in petrol stations and that is purified water. so could i use that spring water?
  18. i dont see why not, check the ph. as far as boiling water i boil all the water i water my plants with and let it sit out overnight
  19. that is absolutely impossible. Distilled water is a staple in all civilized countries. Every grocery store should have a stock of it.

    if the spring water you got is 7.4 ph, it's no better than your tap water. I hope you set some water out already, just ph it and go to town.
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    so I realised that mineral water and usually spring water is bad for the plants as it has a high percentage of minerals and some of those minerals might stunt the plant's growth after a while. Spring water I bought had about 180ppm whereas my tap water had 44ppm and rain water had 8ppm.

    So what Im gonna do is leave the tap water for 24hrs and use that for the moment but in the future I will be aiming on using rain water.

    Its actually true, they just dont sell distilled water in supermarkets or chemists or any other sort of grocery store. I have no clue why this is the case but if you dont believe me you can check the two of the biggest supermarkets online stores and adding the fact that distilled water is sold on UK's ebay for ridiculous prices and people buy it...

    Tap water PH at the moment is 8.1, I will let it stand for 24hrs and use PH down afterwards to make it around 6.8 PH. Should I flush the soil straight away or should I just let some water run off the bottom and check the PH of that first?

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