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Plant seeds in the woods and come back 2 months later?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PineTreee, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I have been wondering this for a while now. If I germinate a few seeds then plant them in a desolate woods area with lots of light, would I get bud? Or do I have to care to them? We have had lots of spring showers lately. So maybe I wouldnt need to water them?:confused: Sorry I am a noob!
  2. why wouldn't it grow? its a plant that grows like any other plant in natural...naturally
  3. there is soooooooooooooooo much material out there on this subject dude...

    yes u can jus toss em out there n come back two months later, maybe you will maybe you wont get bud....maybe an animal will eat it, maybe it wont survive...

    if u do take care of it at least once a will have a much more likely chance of success/large yield
  4. Go for it. A friend of mine once poured a bag full of seeds in one spot then covered it up with dirt and checked it a few weeks later..of course there was a little plant
  5. Yeah it might bro. I know at water treatment plants seeds that people flushed grow there sometimes.
  6. I am just wondering if natural sunlight of NJ would do the trick or not
  7. just come use my grow room then homie, im in jersey too ;):rolleyes:

  8. wait another two weeks, then try it if you really want to....make sure we are getting at least 13 hours of sunlight in jersey at this time of the year, and make sure you put them somewhere VERY SUNNY

    i really recommend adding some nutes/compost/ANYTHING to encourage growth in a very unkind environment.....

    have fun bro
  9. there's this thing called google it works really well
  10. i can add my link to m flowering green crack plant if anyone is interested
  11. i'm gonna try this too. i'm up in CT so ive got it even worse. definitely gonna start it with daily supervision but once it sprouts i'm gonna relocate it off of my property
  12. little tip for you guys: Dont plant it until it has its third set of leaves. Soo many things can go wrong at the seedling stage. Grasshoppers, caterpillars, wild chickens (where i live) ect. Also i know your going to be paranoid but no one who hasn't grown cannabis from seed themselves will be able to recognize it for what it is while its a seedling with 3 fingered leaves.

    I garantee no one will notice, and watching after it at home for the first 2 weeks will really help the chances of of survival. Check on it at most every 2 weeks, remember you reap what you sow, so put some effort into it if your really going to do this.

    This is exactly what i used to do when i was younger after i realized my plants weren't getting enough attention and that no one - parents included - could tell that those were cannabis seedlings and not some garden plant. Just don't plant it on your property though.
  13. Just be warned, if you have deer in your area they will find your stash and eat it. Deer love weed.
  14. Mmm, pre-medicated venison steaks! :yummy: :D
  15. I did something similar but added some saftey nets to ensure id at least get some harvest.

    Start them before you hike them out so they are old enough to survive the little windstorms, etc. Use chicken wire, half a beer opened for a slug trap, and spray once a month. water as much as you can, too. especially if its in a pot ;)

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