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  1. so...about two weeks ago, i saw that you could buy from GC some silver haze #9 (idk about the real name..i forget) but it was selling for like $120 or something. what is it really? like if i buy it do they ship a full plant to me already started to grow? cause the info said how many grams it yeilds and what strain and whatnot. i was looking on purchasing, if its true that they sent a growing plant to you. please help me out. thanks ahead of time :D :wave:
  2. :eek:

    Seeds...and they won't sell it to anyone who lives in the US.
  3. youre best bet would be to actually contact SJ about any questions or comments about the products or the shop;)
  4. You were probably looking at seeds, and they don't ship to the US for obvious reasons
  5. thank you all for the help. i will try getting in touch with someone. I might have been in the EUR site idr sorry guys haha. but if i find anything out. or you do before me. please post it here and let me know. if they sell pregrown little plants. im buyin like 10 ha.
  6. im 99.8% sure they dont sell pregrown plants.
    all seeds are on site, but are just not shipped to the U.S. since the majority of the u.s. has not decriminalized it as of yet. even though there are some states that allow you to grow within a limit, its safest for GC to just say no to shipping within the entire u.s.
  7. i just sent GC an email. so once they get back to me...ill post the whole email here. wish it luck haha. lets prey that US pulls thru and that .2% is true.
  8. Man I get clones for $5 a pop, and I can pick the strain I want.

    Is it really that tough in the USA to get seeds and clones?
  9. I'm 100 percent sure they don't sell plants/clones. ;)

    You saw their seeds that they sell and they don't sell them to the U.S. :)
  10. not at all.

    OP the GC shop sells seeds (not to the US) not pre grown plants.
  11. I was just wondering considering he was willing to pay 120 for a clone.
  12. I get clones from my local MMD

  13. yes. on a know somebody basis
  14. Not really, clones have flooded california. You can get most strains for about 10 dollars each
  15. /adds thread to all-time-best list..
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    all time best what lol? and yeah i was trying to figure out why it was so expensive for seeds. thats what got me thinkin.

    edit: it was called super silver haze. from the sensi seed or something like that. and the reason it got me thinking also was the fact that the seeds on here are, in-fact, pictures of seeds or seeds in bags...seeds in some way none the less. the image shown was the plant like so


    you see where im getting at now?

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