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    so a good deal of yield and quality depends on how far and how much space your roots can grow(to somewhat an extent i guess) right? I see some problems people have are because the pots are to small.

    Say i were to grow 4 plants in a 2'x2' space, would i be able to build one big pot to fit the diameter and house all 4 plants? would the root tangling create problems with the plants? probly a dumb question but ima first time grower so any help would be appreciated.....the idea im having isnt to be cheap on pots but to optimize root space for all plants
  2. Even in a huge pot, the roots will eventually intertwine, and compete for nutes. Put them in their own pots and you will be better off.
  3. 4 plants in a 2'x2' space gotta go in to 4 (square) pots, simple as that.

    Just like this:

  4. you could possibly fit them all if you didn't veg long but don't do it, listen to Tim. This happens to some outdoor growers and when the roots intertwine, they become one root ball (just what I read a few times not from experience on my part) and you feed all of them at once when you water and feed. It is much easier to monitor each plant's needs when they are in seperated containers as some may dry out faster than others or require a little more food.
  5. good rule of thumb is a foot of plant for one gallon of soil
  6. ya that makes sence i was just double checking..thanks for the foot of plant per gallon suggestion real helpful

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