Plant Probs Or baby plant probs :(

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Toker-KGCIII, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Hey peeps How's it goin. Well Here's my prob I am growing a plant outside I planted it in early to mid July (Thinking it's a lil late but I should get something out of it). Anyhow The plant is only like four inches tall :( and to be almost a month old. And I can't figure out why it isnt growing all that fast. I came up with one conclusion and that was not enouph light so I transplanted it to another location that get's more light now this was a couple days ago so I am not sure if this is gonna help. Well there's my problem. Hit me up with some solutions or what not. Also if anybody has anything that might help me speed up the growth stage so that maybe it's not a complete waste of my time I'd appreciate it thanks.

    It's about an inch tall and it has about four sets of 3 bladed leaves. If that makes any sense. It seems to be healthy other than the prob with growth stunt although one of the bottom leaves just folded down underneath at the tip and I don't know what caused it but it seems to be alright. I just want to know why it is so small being a month old. I would like to bring it inside but that is just not an option at the moment. Well I'm out I'd apreciate any help. Alright Peace :D
  2. it could be a ph problem, check the ph run off .my magic number is 6.6. it also could just be genetics , is it from a seed or clone. knowing where it came from and the growing traits saves u time, money and stress of not knowing .
  3. Well actually this is my first time actually growing on my own. The first time I had a buddy help me. I don't know the genetics of the plant, I pulled the seed from a bag of some pretty good smoke. It isn't a clone just straight from the seed.
  4. Hey peeps could someone plz help? I just want to know what I maybe could do to help it make it. I don't know how to chek the ph like I said this is my first time growing on my own.

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