Plant Problems, Lower Leaf Necrosis

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  1. Ok guys I'm growing with Foxfarm soil and nuts. I'm using bagseed. They are under around 120watts of CFLs.

    I have 4 plants that have been growing for 2 months. They are still under 1 ft.

    The problem is the bottom leafs turn yellow and later turn crisp and dry out and die. Only the bottom leafs. The tops of all the plants look moderatly healthy and alive but as it grows more the lower leafs slowly curl, turn yellow, burn and die. From the leaf tip inward, there are no spots of any type on the leafs ever.

    1 of the plants has a *reallly* purple stem while the other do have a purple hue they arnt that purple and more green then purple.

    Heat is not the problem. It stays under 88 degrees in the Rubbermaid and the lights are far away from the plants. I started giving them nuts now and they seem to be doing better. Greener and growing faster but still the lower leafs are dieing and turning crisp.

    I have done similar grows before and have never had a PH problem let alone even has PH test kit. It's never been a problem in any of my harvest but I am in a new location with different water. My partner seems to think it is PH as it is the only thing we can think of.

    I plan to get some pictures next time i stop at my grow place and actually test the PH then but I was wondering what you guys had to say as I won't be there to see my babys for another week or so.

    If anything does anyone have pictures of 100% confirmed ph problematic plants I can look at?

    Here are some pictures of the plants.
  2. You my friend have a defiency.

    It's either 1 of 3 things from the looks of it and it's looking pretty severe so I would addrese this asap.

    1) Nitrogen deficiency
    2) Magnesium defiency
    3) Calcium defiency
    or all

    The purple is a dead indicator that this is adefiency problem. a healthy plant that is not from the purple or blue family should have very little purple on the stems unless @ the tail end of your grown (when nutrients are not present because of nut drainnage).

    Hope this helps and if you need more info just PM me and I'l update the thread. :)

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