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  1. yo i was wonder how much a 3 foot plant would 4 example if some1 was sellin a 3 foot plant how much wood they sell it 4...
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  2. HIGH All, mmmm 3 foot tall plants...many plants like the Liatris spicata go upto 3 feet and it flowers in late June to early fall. It goes for $25 and lasts forever. Look around I'm sure you'll find an answer somewhere.

    Average price for coke....a can up here goes for $1.50

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  3. (:)phe was kidding:p))
  4. May I remind you that this is a marihuana site and we can't allow postings about harddrug prices/availability!


  5. is it marijuana or marihuana?
  6. It's spelled 'marijuana' but i've seen 'marihuana' in quite a few places, including 1930's anti pot propaganda.
  7. LOL... Must be the Dutch spelling!

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