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  1. So I'm long decided on northern lights feminized from sensi seeds (1st grow) so now I'm wondering if any one would like to clue me in on this plant's preferences, what does she like to be fed, how much, does she like indoor, anything that is unique to this plant. With the feeding I know that the fertlizer packing instructs you on how to feed it and the right way to grow bud is the right way if you know what I mean but different people and different strains like different stuff so any advice or tips would be greatly appreciatted
  2. Among the many good things about NL is its adaptability and hardiness -- it can take a variety of conditions. Does great indoors as well as out. When feeding only give one half the dosage the instructions recommend, this is good advice for growing any strain of MJ.
  3. probably the best classic all around strain in history
  4. Agree with both previous posts. i always keep an NL strain around. One of the best all around strains you can grow.
  5. Anyone had s.a.g.e Ive heard that's a very special dank strain for whatever reasons

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