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  1. Looky what I "found"... Only thing I am concerned with at this point is the stem looks small and weak, and suggestions?

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  2. just keep on what your doing.
    it looks proped up right now.
    just be careful that if you poke anything in the ground to use as a stake to tie it to or something, watch out not to damage the root.
  3. What the f&^k am I doing wrong? It gets sunlight during the day, at night I have it under a 100w equivalent CFL. Not enough water? Soil sucks?

    My plans were, depending on if this is an actual female, was to clone it and grow the clones hydroponically. However that doesn't look too promising. One of the leaves actually split at the end, can see in the photos. It just looks raggedy...idk

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  4. how far away are the lights from the plants? wht light are you using? how many watts .. dont water unless soil 2" deep is dry .. keep a fan on the plants to strengthen the roots .. keep the light cycle on 18/6 rite now (18 hours light and 6 hours of dark)
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    ^^(OP, follow the bold portion exactly)^^

    He said sunlight during day, 100w equivilant CFL at night...

    Well for starters, that 100w "equivilant" number means nothing. You most likely have a 23-26 watt CFL. That is really not enough for one plant. For a seedling, maybe, but not for long. Is it a DAYLIGHT type or SOFT WHITE? Daylight is best for vegging, and is what you should use in conjunction with sunlight.

    You can use the 24 hour light schedule for seedlings, it wont hurt them unless the heat gets to be a problem. 18/6 is fine too, whatever you need to do, but seedlings do enjoy their light very much.

    Get better light bulbs (more, mainly) and she'll do much better.

    Don't worry about it too much. Start another seed if you want to, it couldn't hurt. But definitely get more lights. Just don't worry yourself a bunch over it, especialy if it's a first grow. And you really plan on cloning/going hydro for this? You seem too worried to be so confident in doing that...meh, I dunno though. One step at a time, dude.

    If it were my baby, I would keep her under CFLs the whole time rather than moving her back and forthe. It's just easier and more consistent...just me, though.

    Anyway, Read every single sticky here in the City...mostly in the Beginners, Sick Plants, and Indoors sections. Please. They have ALL the information you will ever need to start a good grow.

    Oh, that soil doesn't look that great either...I see mostly wood chips, and one or two specks of perlite. What is it? Should invest in some nice potting soil (not miracle grow, in my opinion) and some extra perlite to throw in there if you are serious about this.
  6. How much does lighting effect the growing time of the plant itself? I would assume the more light the faster it grows?
  7. Sort of...It won't affect how quickly the plant matures...MATURITY is determined by the plant genetics. But yeah, if you've got two plants of the same age, one under 26w and the other under 100w...the 26watter will most likely be less than half the size of the 100watter in the end.

    No matter the lighting, most plants reach maturity around weeks 4-5 of vegetation.

    If you're wondering whether or not a 100w plant will reach maturity before a 26w, the answer is: No, probably not, but as I said that would depend more on plant genetics.

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