Plant Only Has 3 Leaves? Stunted Growth?

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by killerz6, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. What do ya think? Ive only transplanted once. Water usually every day to every other day. Gets plenty of light. Temps are pretty good. Miracle grow soil. No nutes yet. Ide say its maybe 2 1/2 weeks old? But dont hold me to it. Any ideas? It only has 3 leaves?

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  2. No answers? It has a slight smell to it. And is working on its 3rd/4th sets of leaves. Considering topping after the 4th/5th set. What you guys think? And any suggestions on nutes?

  3. Mine acually had the same problem..
    how are they now?
    its probly deformed bagseed
  4. They will start having more and bigger leaves.  Lighting and time schedule¿
  5. Don't top them till just before they go into flowering stage it's still a baby in the pic looks like you got a while to wait. Got any more pictures of how it's doing?

  6. Negative, man.

    You can safely start topping after the 4th or 5th node. If you wait until just before flower the plant won't have time to recover and put up the new growth sites.
  7. Hmm I got some in my greenhouse and maybe that's why they are like 7ft :p they more or less took over the hole back part I had to bend them and they still are just going up but good to no :) thanks
  8. Anytime. I've been growing for years, and like spreading what i've learned. Start topping when i said and stop a week or two before flower and you'll be amazed at the results.
  9. Yeah this is my 3rd year and it's getting better every time do you no of any cheeky tips and tricks I'm about 6 weeks from harvesting?? :)
  10. This plant looks fine to me. Let it grow out, sometimes they will have a couple gimp leaves and grow into amazing plants.
  11. That close to harvesting i wouldn't do anything too stressfull. Have you been feeding molasses?
  12. What's molasses? And what would I use it for I just been natural and let them grow
  13. ive had this before, its just genetics bro, nothing to worry about

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