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Plant only growing seed leafs?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SnorkChris420, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Hey guys so I'm back on the forum and doing more horticulture this season, but a few things have change, can't find a cultivation forum anymore? (I'm on the mobile iPhone app)

    so I've got some seedlings planted 4 are looking great but one of them has only the 2 seed leafs :S this is making me wonder why? As the other 4 have all grown at least 2 Jaggerd leafs and a couple new ones coming in aswell,

    Anyone know why it has done this? Is it just a bad seed? Or will it take of In the future :)

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  2. Sometimes the seed will get stuck on the babt leaves. It will come off in time or if you want you can carefully remove the shell of the seed, be careful not to tear off any baby leaves it may be attached to. Hope this helped.

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  3. If you just mean its growing slow some plants are slower then others. Females are usually a little slower.

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  4. Na man the seed is totally gone, but even today like the other 3 have grown 3 sets of Jaggard leafs
    And it hasn't changed at all

    My theory is it is burned?? as I have another seedling that looks retarted cause it burnt in the greenhouse and has stopped growing after 1 pair of Jaggard leafs aswell

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  5. I would need more info, such as lighting , water/light schedule, type of soil , room temps ect.

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