Plant only 2 inches high after 3 weeks of growing!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by aceman2007, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. started my plant out on the 20th of last month, using organic soil a 6 in pot, 2 30w daylight cfl's and a good bagseed. i put the seedling on the Cfl's for 18/6 and its only bout 2 inches tall still. I need to now what im doing wrong.
  2. hey there ace. have u topped pr fimmed them or transplanted or anything else to stunt their growth. i have 2 plants that are 3" tall and i planted them in JULY! ive topped both and transplanted them twice and they havent grown hardly.. vey slow. know its not that helpful but thought id share my stuntees. good luck man. peace, e :smoking:
  3. yea def doin somethin wrong lol
  4. How far away are your lights from your plants? With CFL's you want the light to be about an inch away from the top of the plant at all times. Too far, and you end up with less growth.
  5. can you post pics?
    is it like tall and spindly or short and squat and bushy
    how many sets of leaves
  6. Don't freak too bad. Seedlings put most of their energy into root development for the first few weeks. If the leaves look healthy, then your seedlings are just doing most of their growing below the soil. They will (should) put on a growth spurt soon.

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