plant one week old and bottom leaves turning yellow

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    hows it going a noob grower here my plant is a week old and the bottom leaves is starting to go yellow is this normal plus when it started i put a tiny bit of deloted bio grow on her can anyone help.:smoke:and one the leaves is curling down i only transplanted her 3 days ago im using bio bizz all mix and a 250 cfl bulb.
  2. Seedlings have around 2wks feed stored in the seed @ the time they pop. No need to feed @ this time. If it's the round first set of leaves yellowing thats ok,it's where the nutrients are stored for the first 2wks or so of life. Leaves curling down,this can be a number of things w/o pic hard to say,,overwatered,,over fert,,humidity,,PH levels. Hope this helps,good luck on ur grow:smoke:
  3. alright thanks mate if it gets any worse ill put a few pics up:smoke:

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