Plant not too bad but need help

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  1. Ok .. lets get to the point!... mi plants are growing just fine... but one lil thing... there not growing tall... i cropped it!!! one time! i have 11cflz on 2 plants..
    over 23k luminz in a 2x2x3 foot tall closet , fox farm soil, bio tech nutz ... i got massive teirs growing but not growing out ... one looks like a palm tree! and 2nd just a lil bush!! .. i heard that u can use incondesent light to grow taller! .. heres picz!!

    NEED FEeD BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!11


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  2. uping post!! can i get some feed back!!
  3. what lighting cycle are you using? 16-8?
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  5. bump,
    c'mon can we get this guy some help. He seems to be having issues with the plant growing taller and stretching out. The plant looks extremely bushy, any idea's from the community as to what may be going wrong?
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  7. yeah i just changed mi cyc from 24 to 16/8... i kinda fuckedup on the toping on the 1st plant.. i topped it two times! mi nutz are botaniccare liquid karma .1-.1-.5 pro grow 3-2-4 pro bloom 1-4-5.... yes i had spider mites ... but killed them... now i have fuckin lil grasshopers!!! omg they are eating mi plaants

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