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  1. 20190722_115034.jpg 20190722_115040.jpg crazy enough this plant is 5 weeks old. I have no idea what could be happening. Its nit my first grow and i have 2 plants in flower right now with no issues. The strain is "super silve haze" and has sativa genes so it should atleast be growing taller imo. This was planted 6/17 and i thought i could transplant it by now but since it staying small i started lst 2 days ago. What couldnbe going wrong with this plant. Its under the same lights which all together is 300 equivalent watts on an LED lights. I just sprouted GDP and although just 2 days old its growing great. What could be wrong with this silve haze plant
  2. My first wild guess is perhaps the soil you're using on her. It looks way too compacted and perhaps wasn't allowing the roots to basically do anything. It probably stunted the roots and the growth. What kind of soil are you using? Have you tried to break up the soil and see what's wrong with the roots? Might as well. While you're at it mix some new soil and add some perlite to it to avoid such issues in the future. Just my 2 cents.
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  3. The way it's flopped over in what appears to be rather chunky medium, with the stalk coming out kinked like it's been growing sideways for a bit probably means the tap root got screwed up.

    May have:

    -Dried up
    -broke when putting seed into hole if tongue was sticking out of seed
    -you touched the tongue of the germinating seed and had something greasy/oily on your hands.
    -it wasn't planted deep enough initially
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  4. Those things I listed or even more likely what @-Cannabliss- said. It does look rather mucky.

    Any of those will hamper a baby like that.
  5. I agree with the above posters on your almost looks like clay! I see in your post that this isn't your first plant and that you have others going now with no are using/doing EVERYTHING the same with those plants as you are with this one?
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Its mixed with mushroom compost and perlite and ive squeezed the cup a few times and nothing. My other plants are in the same mix and growing wonderfully except they have bone meal and some blood meal mixed in theirs cause they are in flower
  7. Its not flopped over i started LST since it is technically old enough to start
  8. Everything is the same down to the bucket of soil they came from. Only difference is my older plants have added bone meal and blood meal but other than that. Same brand fans, light watt, same room just in a closet, hell even my ties to LST is reused.
  9. Firewood transplant goes into some real soil on some per line in it can put into a bigger container like a 1 gallon prop the plant up and let it grow

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  10. Heres the other plants that were female(no pics of males thats detailed enough before removal). This is a micro grow so they need to stay under 3 ft after growth so they are 1.5 ft as of the other day. They were in the same cups before transplanting when they were 3 weeks. Like i saidbthis plant is a month old and still small

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  11. And on top i used top soil mixed with the compsot. ill take pics of under the top soil when i get home. I just didnt like the perlite look so i covered it up but i started all the plants off like that
  12. I meant how it comes out of the soil zig zagging. Looks like it flopped over when younger then grew a new direction. Usually when I see that and they're young it was because I didn't put the seed down deep enough.
  13. He LST'd it brah
  14. Yeah....I see that. It's tied to the side. But do you see the kink at the base? Do you also see what appears to be a giant wad of mud tossed haphazardly into a cup?

    If people don't want advice, fuck 'em then
  15. i think i see what you mean are you talking about towards the base where it looks like its a root or sum
  16. I appreciate all the advice i just have never had it happen before. So what should i do fill it up with just perlite like the others
  17. Can i even transplant it?
  18. Sorry if I was snippy there, I was being a twat I apologize.
    Yeah right at the base there it does a little zig zag.

    Typically, if I see that, plus the plant isn't doing well compared to others, more often than not I didn't plant it deep enough.
    The main root has a hard time pushing down deep enough if it's too close to the surface when the sprout breaks the dirt.

    I might be tempted to either plant a new seed if I had one, or try and break that stuff up (gently) and transplant it a little deeper into another mix. Perlite definitely helps drainage, if that stuffs as clumpy as it looks. Maybe it's just the pic.
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  19. Thanks for the advice. Ill try breaking its up with a chop stick or something to penetrate deeper. Then i will cover it up. I do have more seeds but because i yave the GDP as well i sont want to run out of room

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