Plant not growing under Fluorescent light

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  1. I just bout Soft white Fluorescent 20 watt light bulb and when i shine it on my plant doesn't grow, like nothing happens. but then when I put it under the sun it grows so fast. Is it because Im using one light? or i dont have enough watts? or what im confused. Can you guys help
  2. hi bud.

    yeh try 100 watts of light will make the difference:)
  3. I'm on my first grow, but I'll tell you what I've learned on here.

    Most people say 100 watts per plant. If it says 100 watts equivalent on the package, it is likely 26 watts actual use. You want to have 100 watts of actual use. This would mean 4 bulbs at 26 watts each to get you over your 100 watts for a plant.
  4. Soft white is the wrong color spectrum.

    You want "daylight" or "bright white" CFL for veg.
  5. How big are Your growroom? If it is just for 20x20 cm, then buy second CFL. But better place - 2x 25w (or 26w - no matter) AND WITH REFLECTOR. If Your growroom are bigger, then place 3 - 4 - 6 x 25w CFL bulbs.
    And Your Soft white CFL aren't better variant from CFL's, because Soft white (2700K) are usefull for flowering stage. For Vegging better use Cold white (6400K) CFL bulb's.

    I using CFL too. But I have 85w Cool white (6400K) now, and four smaller CFL's (18w + 20w + 23w + 24w = 85w).

    Stronger light = bigger plant...
  6. But for first grow You can use these Soft white CFL's. I know 1 guy who for vegging + flowering use just Soft white CFL's. Here are link for his plant with Soft white light growing:
    [ame=]YouTube - Dutch Eiforia 41 Day Flowrind [from cidoXL ].wmv[/ame]
  7. O yea you guys right my i need way more watts . the stuff i got is going to get me no where lol ..thx imma buy a 100 watts online or suming

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