Plant not growing big buds question!

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  1. Hey guys, I'm new to growing this is only my second grow! I got some auto flower feminized seeds and one of my plants only has a bunch of preflowers! It's an 8 week from seed to harvest sativa strain, and I'm on week 7 now. My other plant is looking great! Could it be a different type of seed or am I doing something wrong. Thanks in advance!!

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  2. You did your part for sure and no offense man but that is one ugly girl you got there lol. Looks like a revegged but don't think autos do that. Perhaps an auto expert could chime in.
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  3. Whoever gave you the seeds needs to be yelp'ed lol just messing.
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  4. I have read that that say 8 weaks or whatever and it take longer than that say. Keep going it will fill out. I think it looks good.
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  5. You know what skullbasher is right it dose look like it's reveging. With the round leaves. Maybe you could black it out for a couple hours a day to give it more of a 12/12
  6. Hahaha skullbasher she is ugly! I have one right next to it that's about ready to harvest not sure what happened!
  7. Do you know the strain? What is it? There is a strain that roughly looks like that but Its highly doubtful. Im not even sure if its offered in an auto, never seen it anyways.

    How's the lighting there. All tucked in close to the rocks and fence along with the other greenery leads me to think possibly a bad lighting situation. Not enough direct sunlight will do that. Unlike photoeriods autos benefit from more light in flower. I run mine 24/0 indoors and out in direct sunlight away from shade outdoors

    By the way never go by breeders grow time. It will not apply to your grow.
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  8. Killset, I don't remember the strain but I just moved it to that spot because I had company over and wanted to hide it! I'm in Southern California and it's in direct sunlight until the sun sets.
  9. Autos are a crapshoot. In my experience they are not worth the time, money or effort. I would stick with photoperiod plants and leave autos alone.

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  10. I thought the same about autos but then dedicated a few grows to strictly autos after seeing some killer grows on here and it changed my mind. Still not my preference but I will definetly keep growing them.
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  11. I will give those a shot on next grow thanks for your advice
  12. Should I let it go and see what happens or consider it a loss?
  13. I mean if you got the room to finish it finish it.... you can at the very least make edible or concentrates with it. it will still be potent...

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  14. I have room, never done edibles before! Maybe it's an opportunity to try!
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  15. Holy fuck. It actually looks like Dr.grinspoon. it doesnt yield a lot but ive tried the hash oil is makes and its incredible. Not sure thats what we have here.

    Just keep her going dude!
    Also 8 weeks from seed to finish? Thats pushing it. A lot. Haha

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  16. That's what I thought when I first saw it but those are very stretchy sativas aren't they? I'd just put my money on funky auto genetics... definitely look for breeder reviews next time imo op

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  17. His plant is atleast 2.5 feet tall.. ive seen them between 2 and 7 feet tall.

    This plant even has the single finger leaves up top but large at the bottom like grinspoon. Its not a common seed.

    Any more picture of leafs?

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  18. Maybe it is

    Auto Dr. Grinspoon Feminised ― Errors-Seeds - Семена конопли, купить семена конопли,купить в Украине, семена марихуаны
    Looks like there are auto versions I guess. Can't quiet read any of that haha

    I've just never seen one that small but I've also never seen an auto version of it haha that's neat. Looks like it's pretty strong stuff for an auto.

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  19. Explains why its so short. Probably has anither month easy before she starts to.ripen up

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