Plant most similar to Cannabis?

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  1. I would like to try growing a plant, not cannabis to test growing techniques such as LST, SCROG, Pinching, Cloning, etc. I find cannabis seeds are too expensive to mess around with, so I was wondering what is a plant that would respond closely in lighting requirements, Water requirements, Pruning requirements, Size, Growth cycle? And please don't say bagseed, because I do not get any that often...

  2. Just get some bag seeds.
    and mess around with it.

  3. LOL. He said "please don't say bag seed"

    I don't know the specifics, but Tomatoe's are always fun, and can grow very similarly. Maybe sunflowers, but again, I really don't know specifics of those.

    I've actually tried topping with a number of plants, including a small pine tree...after a whole 9 months it's finally grown out into two new shoots :hello: VERY rapidly, I should add

    I imagine most plants would respond well to LST, SCROG, etc, but they may not create better growth sites like cannabis does. Just mess around with some stuff, man...It'll be fun and you'll learn a hell of a lot.

    But nothing compares to cannabis :smoke:
  4. if you know anyone that has a plant and can give you a clone that's the way to go. or else, you kinda have to bite the bullet and grow from seed.

    it's really worth it, though, if you go through with it and don't cut corners. i just spent over 800 dollars putting together a 4x4 tent with ebb and flow system and 400 watt switchable air cooled ballast with can fans and a carbon filter and mh and hps bulbs and gh nutes and all that and i totally expect to get over 1200 this first grow.
  5. Tomatoes are extremely similar in terms of cycle and harvest except for those amber triches, look on the bright side -you hold the key to a third of BLT!
  6. haha thx man, I'll try tomatos. +rep

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