plant might be sick.

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  1. Check out the photo, one of my plants has yellow spots all over the leaves. It's the only one that has this and the only problem I had with it was root binding due to a late transplant. Any suggestions will be appreciated, don't want to lose her. Thanks

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  2. It is in week 4 of flowering, soil grow, using CFL's, closet grow. Let me know if more info is needed to determine some possibilities.
  3. as far as nutes go, I am using half strength MG bloom booster maybe once a week (every other watering)
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    You have multiple deficiencies and will need to fix one or two before the others are identifiable. First and foremost, check the soil pH and then give them a fertilizer mix with alot of P, K, Mg & Ca, properly pH'd to correct the soil if necessary. Post how dry the soil gets before you water & how frequently. Post what ferts you're using.
  5. You need to get new fertilizer. The MG isn't supplying everything your plants need.
  6. Ok will do. This is my first time growing and have quickly learned that MG is not popular for growing marijuana. I will test the pH right away and start from there. Thank you for the input!
  7. Np. Standard soil should be around pH 6.5. There are pH meters and cheap capsules to test soil pH. Or, you can water, let the soil sit at least an hour, squeeze some water from it and test that water with a liquid pH tester like pH drops.

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