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  1. I currently have a 3 foot plant, about a foot and a half wide, its in a 8.68 gallon pot with miracle grow potting soil, im running two cool fluoros 40w and one 2600 lumen fluoro and then at the very top of the plant i have two 65 watt fluoro spotlights, which i call the cola-maker. I started turning down the light cycle today to 17 hours light and will continure losing an hour a day

    my problem is the plant is growing out of control, ill throw in some pics, ihave branches at the lower nodes that are growing out too far horizontally or just generally in bad directions, i want to tie them down, up, or somewhere, and i was wondering if tieing them down affects how they grow, because i have heard the growth hormone rises to the top of the plant, Also i wanted to trim some of my fan leaves that are jus huge, the ones im talking about would obviously be the first ones to appear at the node, they grow too big and then block light into the center which promotes the branch growth, will the trimming of these bigger leaves hurt and stress the plant while reducing light pickup, or will the trimming result in mroe branch growth and mroe potential budsites, Is it to late (now that im entering flowering) to worry about problems like this? Any comments would be very appreciated. thanks for reading my endless post, now let me find some pics.

    the last pic of the big leaves highlights 3 oversized leaves, two of which (circled in yellow) are not only big, obnoxious, and blocking light but are also very unhealthy, if nothing else should i trim or jus let be these fan leaves?

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  2. Yo man.
    Your plant looks really nice. I am not a big advocate of trimming perfectly good fan leaves however, now is the time to do it if you want to. Also, I have never done any tying down but, you could also do this. Just be careful when you do it because you are starting the tying at an old age but, I think you can LST or tie down some branches now if you like.
  3. i changed my light setup to allow more room, actually i think the full plant pic shows it, before i ahd the lights in the plant base and leaning against the walls, now there is more room and with flowering coming up i dont think ill need to tie it down, horizontal growth will hopefully slow. And as for the big fan leaves im gonna cut the one really sick one and see how rthat goes, thanks

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