Plant maintenance: 1st week of flower

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  1. Hi everyone, my RDWC grow is in my sig. 11 plants (still not sexed...) and into first week of flower. I just switched them to 12/12 two nights ago. I topped these a little over a week ago and they only vegged for 3 weeks.

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    I am planning on at least 8 weeks in flower, and possibly longer like any good sativa :smoke:

    What are some maintenance things I need to do for the plants? I read in another thread to trim 30% of the lower branches to push more energy upwards into the bud sites. I also read to not top again once into I guess unless I re-veg these for some reason (ie. 10 of the 11 are males...LOL) then no more topping.

    Don't want to hermie anything, so I am being patient with the process.
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    Personally I wouldn't trim 30%. Just the lower leaves that don't get much light. As for topping, I start with about the fifth leaf set, I usually top twice & no later than about 10 days into flower, but I prefer to top in veg.
    I evaluate my plants once a week or so to see how their doing, check the color, the overall appearance, clean up any loose debris on the surface of thew coco, rotate twice a week in veg & daily in flower when the plants are bigger. In general I just pay attention to what their trying to tell me if anything & keep the room clean.
    I think keeping a journal, especially for a newb, helps incase I have to backtrack.

    edit: staying out of the room during lights out, even if you have a green bulb. Making sure there are no light leaks, spend a couple of minutes in the room until your eyes are well adjusted to the light & you might find leaks that aren't necessarily obvious otherwise, I know I did.

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