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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by froggy, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. hey, whoever just had plant sex, croak?

    BBxBB keepin it true, baby.
  2. ??....froggy what you been smokin mate??.....gimme out........Sid
  3. HIGH All, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh froggy you hit what is true to my heart.....plant sex.....nothing like getting in there yourself.
  4. gimmie gimmie some lovin !
  5. every day......da da da da da dum.....da da da da da out...........Sid
  6. well normally i dont kiss and tell but...

    this is the little lady that i ravished.

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  7. this was the jizzum...about 6 months old bb male

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  8. bottom 2 nodes buds were bagged and shaken.

    there are still male flowers all over the the buds still...we really went at it...shaken and rollin around...

    u can see the plant starting to eat itself for N. that is how i knew it was time to seed what i wanted.

    should get maybe 50 viable seeds.

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  9. HIGH All, mmmmmmmmmmm very nice lady my friend!!!! When did you start mmmm pollinating your baby? I do ours about 2 weeks into 12/12.
  10. thanks
    i got some good genes goin. Blueberry pureline.

    i wait for the best looking lady of the stand. so i just pollinated it about a week ago. might be a bit late overall but im not looking for the most seeds but for good genetics. mostly i breed inhouse, interstock anyhow so its really not that big of deal.

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