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  1. So ive got a few plants on my roof in pots and buckets, and also decided to try a few of those Aeration soft pots, and all are doing well, but the biggest one seems to be flowering. Its only been out for like 3 week. I had some friends last year saying their shit flowered early, but this is pretty ridiculous. Heres a few pics, sorry the wind was blowing a little......

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  2. yeah, that definitely looks like it is starting to flower.

    What are your light schedules, and where did you get the seeds?
  3. my roof is stuck in between two taller roofs so they dont start getting light until around 10 and get direct light until 7. all the seeds i have were bag seed. this was actually the one i cared the least about, some shitty herb a friend gave me that had a bunch of seeds so i saved one. the rest are all bag seed ive been collecting for two or more years from some super good strains
  4. also, right now i have the plants in the very center of the roof, i could move the plants to whatever side of the roof would be better....
  5. Well, if they are only getting 9 hours of light, then they might all automatically flower.

    Im not sure how long your days are, but you should put them in a place where they will get sunlight for the most amount of time possible, not just to keep them out of flowering, but to make them big and strong as well.

    Where I live the days only get to 14 hours so plants automatically flower no matter what time of year it is unless you get lights.

    If you cant get a decent time of light to keep them out of flowering, you might want to get lights if possible.

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