Plant looks horrible today, help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WA-grower, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I went to check on my ladies today and 2 of them look *horrible* I dont know what their problem is, they are really wilty/droopy. They look like crap. :(

    Strain: XXX skunk
    Age: 6-8weeks veg
    pH: 6.5
    temp: consistent 80F
    watered: a couple days ago with nutes, my moister meter shows the soil about half wet.

    no signs of bugs or mold that I can see.



    Any ideas?

    I want to save them, they are going into 12/12 today!!
  2. They look pretty ok minus the droppyness...I would diagnose it as underwatering because when I overwater the edges turn yellow...But please take what I say with a grain of salf, I'm a beginner. :( Hope everything turns out ok.
  3. What light you using looks stretched? Maybe root bound also what size pot do you have?
  4. Im assuming its a watering issue, im just afraid to water again incase its overwatering. My moister tester reads it as a 3 (out of 4) and says to let them dry to 1, then water to 4. Its possible its underwatered because its the biggest of all my plants. Its also possible its rootbound but I dont have any larger pots to put it in. Its at least 5 gallons, but im guessing more like a 7gal? Its a very wide mouth pot, about as deep as a 5gal bucket.

    Light is 1000W MH. 7 plants, room is 8x10 or so.
  5. 5 gallons is plenty for that plant, id have to agree in saying it doesnt look to bad.
  6. They look very stretched out, lower the light.
  7. The ceiling is only about 6.5ft so I have it screwed to the ceiling and then I raise the plants as needed.

    I think it looks really stretched out because alot of the leaves are pointing down rather than 'filling it out'. Its about 4.5ft tall.

    Ill keep watching the moisture and hope that it perks up in a few days :-/

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