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  1. 5 weeks in to flowering with compact fluro light. The fan leaves are going brown then falling off. Some of the smaller leaves are yellowing and falling. This has only starting happening since:

    moved onto 12/12
    moved plant in to cellar (cold in the UK now)

    Still not using ferts, but don't want to if I can avoid it. Look at the pics and tell me what you think:

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  2. and this one

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  3. and finally

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  4. While all this plant symptom stuff just downright confuses me.. from looks, what i can tell is that your running low on nutrients, especially since your in 5th week of flowering... i know plants like more phos. during this stage and so it may be asking for this, also i know its normal for plants leaves to change color and even fall off during flowering as more energy is put toward producing flowers and not vegetation...

    overgrow does have a plant abuse and deiciency chart to take a look at if you find you need it, its easily fond at

    take care.

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