plant looking ill, yellowish bottom leaves and burn marks!

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    this is my first grow! im using an unknown strain as a trial run before i start growing some barney's LSD! :smoking:
    so my grow has been going realy well, the plant has been looking very healthy untill about a week ago. the leaves at the bottom of the plant started to develope a yellowish tinge and there are there are deformities around the edge of the leaves that look like burns. i re-potted the plant, have given it a flush and watered down the nutes and it started to look more healthy, but in the last couple of days the symptoms have spread to the next set of leaves up! can anyone help? i have no idea what the problem could be! here are some pictures if they help.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    cheers for looking everyone, Shibby! :smoking:
  2. Are you using time-release ferted soil like Miracle Grow?
  3. well more information is needed to zero away at your problem.

    its could be either two things.

    one the most common is a nitrogen defciency

    and the other a potassium deficeny.

    both turn tips yellow, but hows your stem doing?

    does it feel weeek?

    my guesss is that its nitrogen

    potassium def is like yellowing of older leaves and rust colored blotches.
    leaves currl up also
  4. im using phostrogen acid plant food & tonic 15-10-15+ ironon 1/6 strength, choice of nutes could be the problem but the plant was fine and healthy untill about 8 days ago with no change in nutes except reduction in concentration from 1/4. are nutes the problem here?
  5. yeah probably.
    it doesnt look like any disease, so what soil are you using?
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    the stem is strong and healthy and the nutes im using have both nitrogen and potassium but may still be a deficency. however, the leaves are curling down which suggests the nutrient level is too high, but my nutes are currently at 1/6 concentration? and im using a mix of regular potting soil, compost and sand for drainage.
  7. well i would cancel that out,

    whats ur ph level...

    that is the next thing to go to when it turns out its not a lack of fertilizers
  8. i'll just check, i need to make some universal indicator :p , could take a couple of hours. i'll get back to you soon
  9. alriiight my man
    i read in skunk magazine how to make one with a onion, cofee filter, and thats it really but GL and report backk
  10. my ph level is between 6 and 6.5
  11. check my post right under yours plant help for all i am also new and found this site to be helpful
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    No man. That plant looks very healthy. It is completely normal for the lower few leaves to die off as the plant gets older. In fact most of them will fall off as the plant reaches maturity.
  13. thanks for everyones help on the yellowing bottom leaves situation :smoke: however my plant now has a new problem! i woke up this morning and went to water my plant, when i noticed that one leaf of brand new growth, a couple of days old, had turned brown at the tips. the other leaves, of the same age are fine! is this normal, and if not what can i do to fix the problem?
    thanks for your time everyone!
    SHIBBY! :smoking:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    oh and sorry about the pic quality, i couldn't get my camera to focus
  14. judging by how its brown and the end has shrunken

    looks like a zinc defeciency.

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