Plant look healty?

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  1. 87C3F2CF-B6E0-41BD-820E-335A89F4232A.jpeg just found a seed and planted it didnt expect it to grow this much do u guys think it will grow fully and produce buds? have a fan about a metre infront of it on low let me know if im doing it correctly thx

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  2. Stretched and spindly branches indicate poor lighting - you won't get more than a few grams from that plant if you can get it to finish. But it looks like a male to me.

    Good luck.
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  3. i agree with mickfoster it does look like a boy
  4. if it was a male there would be pollen sacs but i didn’t see one and theres alot of hairs and small orange hairs so its a female
  5. I don't see any hairs, orange or otherwise.
    A closer pic would be helpful. :)
  6. She will need to beef up her stems if she is gonna produce any weight.
  7. do u know how i can make her stems tougher for buds to produce? i just have a fan blowing straight at it 1 metre away on low
  8. Fans... I use small desk fans blowing from different angles almost all the time
  9. Needs light more than a fan..
    Put it out there in the sun..
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  10. Definitely needs more light

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  11. Be careful pointing fans at your girls wind burn is not nice and it really messes plants up.

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