Plant Lice? (NOT MITES)

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  1. I am starting to see spots on my leaves similar to the way mites suck out the chlorophyll, only the spots are larger. Under the leaves there are a few orange larvae that appear long in shape not round. Under 100X magnifying they are deff the shape of a lice, similar to book lice, they appear orange but are clear under magnification.

    What type of lice preys on our plants? Aphids? There is a bug that I have left on my plants for the last week or two because it seemed beneficial, its green with spikes on its back and appear sort of like an adult Aphid. Blends in with the plant like a stick bug but its not a stick bug.

    Any ideas? Sorry for not having a photo. I say the Lice family.
  2. broad mites?


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  3. Good try, I Googled them and those are shorter. What I have is longer and has some lines on its body from side to side like Lice do. Here is a photo of the damage which may or may not be related to the pest.
  4. thrips...
    link to images

    spray with a soap solution (google the ratio) and get some diatomaceous earth to use on the soil
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  5. Yes! I just Googled the larvae that is them! Thank you!
  6. I decided to try something I had around from a few years ago, it is Captain Jacks DeadBug Brew. The active ingredient is Spinosad which I read is safe for both the leaves and the soil. So I sprayed the leaves and the soil.
  7. I've heard of it before, supposed to be pretty good stuff I think.
    Be sure to spray the underside of the leaves/drainage tray etc. just to be sure you get everything.
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  8. Thank you, how close to the buds can I get? Can the buds be sprayed directly?
  9. No, I would not spray the buds.
  10. I am one of those people who removes a lot of their fan leaves during flowering to conserve energy and for better light penetration so I really do not have many fan leaves most of them are close to the buds. Do you think the Thrypts stay out of the buds themselves?
  11. I'm actually not entirely sure about the answer to that, I believe they usually stay away from the buds until all the leaves are gone? But again... No idea.. sorry.
  12. I bring my plants into my basement every day and put them back out every afternoon. I wonder if the Thrips live in my humid basement without plants in it? Tons of spiders down there and such but I figured they needed a host plant to live. Possibly I got them outdoors, but hopefully they did not crawl off the plants at night and live in the area where I store my plants.
  13. They can come from anywhere - but probably outside.
  14. But can they live in my basement without the plants? Will they be drawn back to my plants every night when I put them inside? If I successfully killed them on/in my plants they may return overnight from the basement surfaces? I assume they had no reason to leave the plants anyway once they were put inside. I thought about trying to control the population with the hose in the sun, hit them with lots of water then let the sun dry the buds before I put them inside for the night.

    Today I put a drop of dish soap in a spray bottle with cinnamon and sprayed the plants down buds and all. I am slightly concerned about the soap degrading the THC but I plan to rinse them off tomorrow in the sun with the garden hose. Hopefully the layer kills the them overnight.

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