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Plant Leaves Yellowing From Bottom Up!

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by mmm223300, Apr 10, 2011.

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    Hey everyone,

    My friends plant has been having some problems lately and neither of us know exactly what to do about it. So far, the very two bottom leaves have yellowed and fallen off after becoming brown and crunchy. Now, the next two leaves up are becoming yellow and hes becoming worried. Here are some pictures of it from a few days ago before the bottom two fell off:

    (Those two big ones are now being effected, Ill get recent pics soon)

    The plant is planted in miracle grow soil because thats all he had at the time and unfortunately it is the kind with built in nutes so that could be the problem. Its watered with poland spring water about 1-2 times a week. My firend dosent have a pH meter, but I have some pH strips I could lend him.

    No fertilizers or nutes have been added but I found a few fertilizers in my garage that I may give him. I have a few that are 4-3-3 NPK or 3-4-4 NPK but nothing that has the high ratios that I usually see for nutes.

    So GC, what should we do?
  2. Please guys, I really need to know if this is some nute problem or some pH problem and how to deal with it. I can replace the Miracle Grow soil its in with some local soil I dug up that had all the signs of being good cannabis soil (clumps but is easily broken up, had worms living in it ect). So whatever you guys think is best Ill do.
  3. looks like a nitrogen def but giving nutes to mg time release soil you may end up burning it up
  4. i'd say lacking N possibly locked out by other nutes in the miracle grow or plant has used all feed in soil and needs fed.

    how old is plant and what size is pot?
  5. give the plant the 4-3-3 npk fertilizer at a seedling strength or 1/4 strength if that isnt labeled.
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    im not completely 100 percent on this....

    but.. all my plants are doing this now, and i have reason to believe it's because, it seems a common occurence when plants go from veg to flower.. have you recently went to 12/12?

    let me add.. all my plants are at 13/11, or 12/12 right now.. (outdoors)

    and i had two hermi/males that did this RIGHT BEFORE THEY SHOWED. and now ALL of mine who didnt show yet are doing this..
  7. N def all the way. i had the EXACT same problem to a "T". honestly i added a bit of urine to my water and it looks as if that fixed it. i know strange right?
  8. Hes still in 18/6. The pot is about 6-7" across the top, not sure how many gallons that is. I was thinking N deficiency too.

  9. Haha wtf....
  10. I know but I think it helped w/ my N def. Either that or they are starting to grow more and get more resilient. Either way I've been much happier w/ how they've been lookin' and growing this past week. Just a thought really. I'm not suggesting you take a leak in your plants by any means.:smoke:
  11. I'm pretty sure that's not why your plants are doing better...
  12. The very bottom embryonic leaves are supposed to yellow and eventually fall off. The first leaves though do look like the plant has an N-deficiency.
  13. pee is supre high in notrogen so im sure it is why it helped
  14. hey well i was having the same kinda problem...my leave were yellowing from bottom up and i started to get "burn marks" on the leaves...but i looked at my roots and that were all bounded so i transplanted them. maybe you should try the same, its not gunna hurt anything(if your careful) and see if it gets better and if not its obviously something else.
  15. i have since been using coffee grounds. I read that coffee grounds contain a good deal of N if spread across the soil in a thin layer. you can also add black coffee at room temp for faster activation.

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