plant leaves turning yellow and crispy

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by buzo, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. hi gc. this is my first grow just about finished

    i have 2 afgan kush plants

    when i bought the seed the packet said flowering 45-55 days

    my plants have been flowering for 46 days now.

    but the leaves are turning yellow and crispy

    what should i do please help?

    should i harvest them now

    or let them ride a couple more days?

    thanks alot people of gc
  2. cant tell without pics it depends what they look like. it is normal for some leaves to die and fall off late in the grown. as long as the plant looks healthy you should be ok, but without pics its hard to say
  3. let it ride? maybe it's too hot? too dry?

    Anyway it cant do any worse for your current yield.
  4. Im going with RIDE IT OUT as well. Sounds like it needed nutrients a few weeks ago. As the plant gets closer to finishing it will begin borrowing what it needs from your fan leaves.

    I remember one of my earliest indoor grows, the leaves began turning yellow and I wasn't sure it was overdose or lack of nutrients. Turns out it was a lack of.

    Here is a shot of the ugly SOB, most the leaves just dried up and fell off LOL. As you can see the lower leaves are very very yellow as well.

    Again its not uncommon for some yellowing to occur towards the end of your cycle. Buy this and google TRICHROMES to learn what you are looking for. If you are harvesting with out looking you are making a HUGE mistake.

    And of course the picture of the UGLY WW.
  5. ok thanks alot people of gc.

    i will just let her ride on for a couple of days or so. ;)

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