Plant Leaves Turing Brown At Tips

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PH Imbalance or Something Else?

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  1. First Grow, everything was running smooth until about Wednesday July 3 (plants at 3 week mark from seeds) one of my plants started showing brown tips, I tested PH balance it was sitting a little high at around 8.0 so I’m thinking this is the issue, I haven’t fed them nutrients yet, temperature and humidity have been consistent from 17-23 degrees Celsius and humidity sitting around 60-70%. Any one else think this may be PH issue or does it look like something else ?

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  2. Could be heat stress, looks like the leaves are tacoing. My space was in the 80s and it heat stressed my seedlings and I wasn’t around to water so some of them didn’t make it. Could be the humidity as well. 70 Rh isn’t the most ideal, even for veg.
  3. Yea I read taco leaves could be heat but everything I have read says around 16-18 Celsius at night 20-24 ish day time with lights on witch has been the case, now for RH what do you think an ideal % is ? Thanks for reply !
  4. 55 - 60 RH and 77 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal environment for veg.
  5. So for the heat stress could that be cause by being to close to light? because my other plants that are taller therefore closer to light are fine and my temps on average hang around 71 so I’m not sure how they would be getting to much heat yet the symptoms would point to heat stress
  6. Possibly. Might be too much for such a compact plant, but you’re not get light bleached, at least for now. Moving it may work. How far from the light would you say it is?
    Also, what are the genetics on her?
    Before I forget too, you can probably use straight distilled water if your soils ph is running a little too high. But if that doesn’t fix itself you may need to add some pH down.
  7. Distance From the top of that plant to the 900w LED is about 11-12 inches and the light is set on both veg and bloom, and as far as genetics it’s sapphire OG from Humboldt genetics and I have been using straight distilled was going to go pick up some ph down in a day or two as I just gave them a big water witch I’ve been doing once a week and they’re coming into their fourth week since being planted from seed
  8. Most led lights are 24 inchs above the plant. I think its too close
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  9. Thanks for the reply !

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