Plant leaves pointed upward "praying leaves"

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  1. Just a quick question I thought I'd run through here since Ive read it's bad and I've read it's good. What do the praying leaves (leaves pointing up) during flowering indicate? Healthy or stressed?

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  2. Same issue until a good watering.

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  3. So this is due to not enough water? Or too much?
  4. Check the media. My lowryder plants sucked up a ton during flowering. I noticed the leaves doing the same thing but it happened when the media got bone dry though it didn't hurt the plants.

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  5. Plant/leaf posture is an indicator of overall health. You should learn to recognize some of it's signs. It's part of the language of the plant it uses to tell you what it needs. "Praying" leaves reaching towards the light usually indicate a plant is happy and healthy. Any change in leaf posture may be a sign of an issue. Plants do get "tired" and tend to droop a little towards the end of the day compared to an hour after lights on.
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  6. So for example if a plant doesn't require any water (nor is it overwatered) it has plenty of light and many of its fan leaves are sorta in a droopy stance, that in itself is more than likely an issue?
  7. I would answer yes to that but the things you listed would be things it would be in want of if it was drooping. Drooping is generally a sign that there is too much or too little water occuring. I'd say the praying leaves are a very happy plant. Plants are much like we are. If we're exhausted and thirsty form a long day at work we're gonna feel droopy. First thing in the morning after a good night's rest and we are feeling good and happy we stretch and feel tall. Maybe that's obvious but that's my take on it. :)
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  8. Yep leaves reaching upward = strength and Happiness.
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  9. Leaves pointing up is good. Leaves pointing up with the serrations curling up too is heat stress.
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  10. Yep cupping is from heat stress.
  11. On the pictures I posted, does it look like heat stress?
  12. Not at all
  13. Nope I was just responding to other guy. They look solid to me. Happy Growing!
  14. I know, old thread but I have this issue too. My leaves point upwards too. On they say it is stress from too much light.
    Why Are My Leaves Pointing Up? | Grow Weed Easy

    But I see a lot of posters saying it means the plant is happy. Some of the guys saying this are experienced growers. Does anybody have any source saying this? is usually a good source of info. But from the posters saying different(seen many posters saying this, not just on GC either), it seems are very wrong here.

    Here is a pic? Are they happy? I moved my light up after reading what I linked here. Should I move them back down?

    20180926_181721.jpg 20180927_153937.jpg

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  15. What I have experienced in nearly every grow Is that when I’m doing 12/12, as soon as my lights switch on then they point up and gradually come back down. Are you currently vegging or flowering?
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  16. Looks life flowering right?
  17. Yes, flowering. Not 12/12 though. It's an auto. Her leaves don't go down during the day at all.
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  18. I was wondering about this myself.
  19. I agree with most that this is a sign of vigor MOST of the time. However when I first started with HLG quantum boards I ran them too close thinking hps Can get pretty close so F it. My plants prayed and showed ZERO signs of heat stress. No cupping, no taco, no leaf curl and within about 5 days my leaves started bleaching. What i failed to take note of was that the plants were not coming back down at night nor when they needed water like they should.

    If they haven’t recently been watered and the soil is really dry and it’s lights off and they still praying like it’s sunday morning?! Prob need to move the lights up. Also look for the serrated edges of the leaves to turn upwards. But with fans blowing the leaf edges could turn up from that as well. I have my 750watt fixture at 420watts and 36 inches. My GDP are praying hard and they are only like 20” tall(due to supercropping) so it’s unlikely my lights. If I run them closer They get stressed. Bone dry, got watered, prayed to lights=good. Thread a little old, I know, but had to say it can be a light distance issue. So don’t just leave them be for three days without making sure. Also don’t go messing with your lights unless the leaves stay pointed up no matter the state of the plant.
    Most of the time however, I’ve found pointing erect leaves say “thanks papa human, I’m loving EVERYTHING so go smoke one, you won’t need to save it!”
  20. Hello,let me help with you question.Like you,I've just read growweedeasy page about it.It's a very utile website,overall very good infos to help growers but that page about praying leaves is nothing but full of wrong lines which could make growers doubtful about what they are doing.

    First of all,your plants look very good,especially that praying one and it's already in early flowering stage.This thing happens mostly in early flower,RIGHT AFTER WATERİNG, and yours look recently watered by the wetness of the soil.

    You see? all leaves are solid green,no signs of deficiencies and I bet you haven't had any issues or signs of deficiencies(like Mag) after this photo.Everything went good,right?

    So this is a very good and pleasant thing that says the plant is healthy and happy.Keep doing what you are doing.Nothing to worry about.

    I've just sent to Nebula my review about their page on groweedeasy.Ignore that page,it just confuses minds.But overall it is a very good and helpful website.


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