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plant leaves moving and making clicking sounds?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MrDayzd_420, May 14, 2010.

  1. LOL, Im growing mid's nothing amazing. I just paid more attention after reading his post. I bet this is an everyday thing just listen, I talk to my violet to to try to treat her like a queen IDK maybe she just feels something's there and it wants to be like "wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuupp"
  2. video or it never happened.
  3. I would sleep with one eye open...LOL
  4. video or your a virgin.
  5. its obvious ,your plants are posessed by satan(or possibly Micheal Jackson)and must be burned in a suitable manner,this means wearing a pink gimp suit,painting your face green, whilst chanting "beat it"in a japanese accent!.......well ,its wot id do!!(if theyd let me out!):wave:
  6. normally when i water my shits im dancing too so i cant really tell whats happenin

  7. Blues. played on acoustic guitar.
  8. mine break out and go dancing at night. I am worried about them driving home impaired.
  9. its a triffid, kill it with fire!
  10. Oh no don't burn... I do an exocism for a small donation, pot of course...LOL

  11. I deffinately agree, i bet you were high and heard the crackling of the soil and perlite absorbing the water. when the perlite absorbs water it will swell a bit and crack. and the leaves moving lol was either you brushing it, breathing on it... or the fans if you had them running at that point in the day cycle. but trippy it was i bet :p
  12. I watered my twitching plant this morning and it happend again. Im going to make a video next time it happens, need to water again in about 3 days time so il post it on this thread.
  13. :smoking:trippy shit man..hahaah
  14. I tried making a video but the HPS causes black lines to flicker on the screen so its hard to see the plant leaves 'twitching', although if you let the video fully load and then drag the cursor along slowly you can see how much the plant perks up in just 10 minutes.

    heres the link

    [ame=""]YouTube- plant twitch[/ame]
  15. never heard no sound, but ive seen the twitching leaves ... :smoke:
  16. Started flowering 3-15-2010..:confused:
    Guess I would be twitching and chomping at the bit to be smoked if I was flowering for 8 months..;)
  17. Try a year and 8 months
  18. This thread is old as hell, wtf? Post a new thread instead of bringing ones back from well over a year ago.

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