Plant leaves dieing.

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  1. So i got 6 plants outdoor. Happy frog soil. I started nutes as soon as my plants got a few feet tall and were beggining to yellow. Now the problem is progressing. I cant loose my plants this year. Im totally clueless. The water going in is ph perfect.

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  2. Cal/Mag (wild ass guess)
    Relax. We don't use the leaves (too much) The plant does. Pay attention. Make micro moves unless it is dire. 6 months from now it will be much ado about nothing. 6 years you will be pressed to remember first grow and it's struggles. You are our on site rep and we just need you to learn from each time.
  3. how come I can't see the pic? GFP

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  4. Looks like calcium deficiency.

    Calcium uptake may be affected if the soil acidity is too high/PH is dropping too low.

    If you are using distilled or ro water, you can add calmag till the EC is 0.3, then add your nutrients if needed.

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