Plant just stopped growing?

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    Hey, I have a 2 week old seedling and it seemed to just stop growing. my growbox is perfect and i am running a 18/6 schedule and i have 4 fans for circulation. I dont over water and i know what im doing, except for this. I had to throw out my last plant because it was male and i did the same things im doing now. but this plant is only about 3 inches tall and only has the one leave set. the temperature was kind of hot in there for about 2 days, it was like 85. but i got it down to 76-79. And i havent given it any fertilizers yet because i dont know if it will be able to handle it. And its not showing signs of it dying, its not drooping and its not getting discolored, if anything the stems inside the leaves seem a little darker? idk. It just seems like it paused. Maybe my expectations are too high? any suggestions? thanks a lot.
  2. i think i may have found the problem. the box is about 77 degrees but the soil itself is cold as fuck. i am going to go on a 24 hour schedule to try and warm it up. i dont see how it got soooooo cold. but i know thats not good for it to be cold. do you think that sounds like a reasonable explanation? thanks a lot
  3. Tinker with the light until the temp at
    the top of plant is around 75 - 78.

    Cold soil will stunt a seedling hella good.

  4. That's what I did. And I turned off one of the fans that is directly above the plant. So hopefully this'll help. Thanks bruh.
  5. if its in veg, nothing better than a humid enviornment for the plant. try putting a baggy ontop and a rubber band to hold it down.and putting some water so it heats up in there and it can be nice and steamy for her, might just do the job ;)
  6. btw have you tried putting the seedling in the sun? at least thats how im vegging mine until its flower time and then im going indoor so she knows its time to bud
  7. Weed hates high humidity.


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