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    So here is my story / adventure in a nutshell I will post pics of everything later, I am at work now and have no pictures here. So I build my own hydro system about two or three months ago here are the specs.

    Light: 150 Watt HPS about 24 inches above the plants maybe a little more.
    System: Bubbler hydroponic system four pot system 6 gallon resivor
    Media: Hydroton
    It is indoors
    No bugs
    Six inch pots
    Veg nutes are 3-2-4

    They are about eight or so weeks old I would guess but I started them at different times, I started one first then the other two a bit latter, anyways here are the issues I am having....

    On the first plant we will call plant "A" it is the older one, also the largest one, if it stood erect i would guess it would be about 15 or 16 inches ( i say if it was erect because I bent it during growth for a bush like growth worked well too :) ) one day during tending I accidentaly dropped the fan on the top of this plant and broke off about four inches of the very top ( THE BEST LOOKING PART OF THE PLANT!!!) since then I have noticed stunted growth... although that was a few weeks ago and it has seemed to picked up a bit now...also the leaves just look a little unhealthy some slight yellowing in the leaves yellow/ brown circles on some of the older leaves.... and some of the new younger leaves just seem like I said a little yellow and weak (as I said pics will soon come)

    On the second plant this one is doing the same thing minus the yellow and brown spots on the leaves but also, all the edges of the leaves are curling upward...they are not drying out, turning brown, getting crispy, or anything like that witch I find strange...and witch leads me to think that it is not a heat issue like I said on both...hell....all three of the plants there is no drying of the leaves or any real sings of heat stress in my mind....

    any sugestions would be great also I would like to know if maybe adding a few of the small standard florecent house bulbs "the energy efficient" ones that everyone buys now on a lamp pointing towards the underside of the leaves would be a good idea.... O yea I ment to say I do one TSP per gallon of water as recommended by the nute company I use also it is 3-2-4 nute....I am thinking maybe I was a little low on my nutes last time so I changed the water today and made sure it was spot on...any help would be great pics soon thanks a million

    I know they are not the best pics but it is what I could do
  2. does it sound like a nute lock out? maybe due to PH? I lost my ph tester not to long ago I really need to find it
  3. bump? Need help ASAP PLEASE THERE ARE PICS NOW!!!
  4. looks like a Magnesium deficency.Water with two teaspoons of epsom salt per gallon of water should do it if it is that.
  5. I will take that into consideration I would like to get a collection of ideas before I do anything, but I need to do something soon. Guess it is a bit of a catch please hurry haha.
  6. you cant easily diagnose this without knowing ph
  7. yea I am hoping to get a good guess of it tomorrow some time a friend of mine has a POS Ph meter same thing as this just a different brand my question is what is the best way to use this type like I said it is all hydroponic so should I just stick the two metal poles/probes in the water and see what it says? please someone let me know thanks alot.
  8. don't use that. go to a pet store and buy ph test strips

  9. ok I will do that today, also where would be a good start or adjusting my Ph? I guess I am asking what is a good brand of Ph up and Ph down? Also what are the more reputable home based solutions or adjusting the Ph? Thanks alot like I said all the information i can get i will gladly take. I will try and take a few more better pictures in the very near future like today...
  10. a garden shop is the best place to get ph up/down but you can use fish tank PH supplies to start

    get botanical ph up and down as soon as you can
  11. ok thank you i feel like it is the ph because i am this far along and have yet to test it even.......i will report more soon
  12. so I got more problems now my leaves are yellowing drooping but the veins are still a nice dark green.... any suggestions?
  13. ok, hopefully I will be getting a PH tester like tomorrow, I went to the pet store but all the testers, the strips, drops, everything only went down to like a six on the PH scale so I did not waste my time.....I hope to know something very soon, before my plants are destroyed, I will let you know what my PH is asap. I was also curious as too if anyone knew any "Organic" or home products that will work as a PH up or PH down? Money is very tight right now and I do not really have the money to be buying one or the can see my situation. Thanks a million, you guys are the shit, very good fourm site A+ (IMgreen) you the shit. thanks a bunch
  14. So I really really need help now... the some of the leaves have dark green veins now and the leaves are light colored...I am FINIALY going to get a Ph. test and some freaking PH down tomorrow I am not sure how off it is or even if it is but that is my guess from all of this. Given this is my first grow, but I have done hours and hours of research on hydroponic growth, I will post the Ph. test results asap and pics as soon as i can. please let me know anything
  15. have you been changing out your nutes?
  16. yes although I have let this one run a little long....will be changing it on the fith as i will be starting flowering then. I am fixing to go get the Ph stuff and I will post updates asap
  17. ok so i went and got some ph test strips, some Ph down (because the water here is always high) some Botinicare pro bloom, changed all the water been doing the frozen bottles in the res to keep it cool learned that the other day... started 12/12 today and I hope they perk up...the ph was off but not by much it was around high 6 or 7 so I droped it a little so i will retest in the morning and let you know thanks....let me know any thoughts.
  18. So they def perked up a little bit I can see some of the darker green starting to return to the leaves that where yellowing with dark veins, they are standing up nice and strong (at least the top branches are) I have one plant that is nice and bushy with huge beautiful fan leaves but they just never stand up they are always limp...I am thinking it is a lack of light...sorry no pics, I am hoping to fix that soon. So like I said I will continue to adjust the Ph a little bit as needed, continue with the ice jugs in the res, and continue with flowering...that is where I am now so I will keep you all posted.
  19. quick question, what is an ideal temp for the room or space where my plants are growing? I would assume just as cold as you can get it would be nice?

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