Plant is turning lime green in flower, yellowing leafs.

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  1. I'm around week 3 of flower, plants color looks odd to me, started with yellowing on the lower leafs thought it was just underfed but now the plants turning a super light green color. Anyone know what I can do to fix her up?

    Unknown Strain.
    - Watered every other day or when dry.
    - Gaia Green Dry Amendments, 4-4-4, and 2-8-4 Power Bloom.
    - Soil is half Fox Farms HF, and bottom Half of pot is FF Strawberry Fields. Transplanted to a 5gallon pot 2 weeks before flip with fresh soil.
    - Temps in the tent are 24C during the day, 20-21C at night. IMG_20230108_145120174_HDR.jpg IMG_20230108_145058591_HDR.jpg
  2. When were they last fed?
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    2weeks ago, 5TBSP of dry amendments, 3TBSP of 4-8-4 Power Bloom, and 2TBSP of 4-4-4 All Purpose. The feedings calls for a Tablespoon per gallon of soil.
  4. If your soil PH is fine then they need more food. At this point flower you don't need the 4-4-4.
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  5. I fed them a week into flower 4-4-4 for the stretch phase. I'm doing an organic run, shouldn't PH be something I'm not worried about? If I do need to worry about PH would I just test the PH of the runoff to get the soil PH?
    Thank you for the response, appreciate the help man.
  6. Ph can still be out even in organic. But most likely they aren't being fed enough. 1 tablespoon per gallon is on the low end, 2 may be better.
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  7. If you want to grow organic I'd suggest starting a worm bin. if ph is correct and problem is just lack of food since organic food takes about a week after application to start breaking down those are going to look worse before they get better. Watering with worm leachate would come in handy right now. To give them readily available food limiting damage until organic nutrients become available. Also adding a inch or two of casting every feed helps not only feed but add good microbes to soil. Plus castings wont burn plant.

    Or adding casting to intial soil plus a cup or 2 at feed helps
  8. yip this might be it....a flush could fix it, 3 times the pot volume with air temp water do it days end so it drips out over night
  9. 5 tablespoons total, only did 3/2 for 5 TBSP @ 5gallons. The way I wrote it sounded like I used 5 of something else, I meant to say I used 5 TBSP of dry amendments, 3 of them being power bloom, and the other 2 being 4-4-4 all purpose for the stretch phase.
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  10. Thanks for the tips brother, def will look into it. I grabbed some more worm castings gonna try using some more, I usually only add some when I transplant. Any other products I can use to increase my microbial life
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    Feed sugar/molasses, water with mycorrhizae, fish shit but its expensive, compost, fox farms makes a microbrew, making teas with worm castings/molasses can add kelp meal, alfalfa meal or various others, I've made a lactic acid serum
    It was basically free made a lot went a long ways and plants liked it " be warned smells like a barn x 10 "

    LABS (Lactic acid bacteria serum)

    Know theres other ways but I haven't needed to explore it yet.
  12. Translocation. Your plant is stealing the Nitrogen from its fans to build the buds. She went into flower hungry with low reserves and now your seeing the results. Left alone she will finish naked as buds on bare sticks.

    While I don't like to feed high nitrogen in flower sometime you do what needs to be done. It can cause stretching and foxtails but I digress.

    Composted Chicken Manure.
    ZZ Chicken Manure.jpg

    Most big box stores and garden centers will have it. It is high nitrogen and will green things up fast. Make a slurry with half a pint jar of manure and the rest water. Shake the hell out of it and pour under suffering plant. Toss the scraps under the plant and scratch into topsoil. Repeat as needed.

  13. Non Organic I'd hit her with Ammonium or Potassium Sulfate. :)

  14. Thank you, gonna try to score some fish shit haha, and maybe make some lactic acid serum sounds yummy
  15. Thanks brass, always looking out for the newbies buds on bare sticks doesn't sound terrible haha the trimming would be light workkk.
  16. I fed them today, gonna see how she looks in 7-14days, will update and see if this helps.
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  17. If you had air stones, and bucket you could make a tea with the dry amendments you have. You get the % that's water soluble. Putting everything in a cheese cloth makes clean up easier. add molasses for microbe food brew for 24 to 48 hrs.
  18. Interesting might have to try that, I've got a air pump but no air stone, could I make it work or do I need heavy oxygen production in the water? It bubbles good just not crazy like an air stone.
  19. Actually the bud was good and Stoney as could be for as crappy as the plants looked at the finish. 2 years ago my grow was suffering the terminal results of 10 years of high PH hose water and even liberal dusting 4 times a year with Sulfur wasn't helping the constant PH push all that 8.5 water was causing.

    I'm old and broken and growing outside so Hose Water it must be. It is about all I can do some days just to drag 100 ft. of hose around and stand the 45 minutes it takes to water the yard and grow. The stuff the yard sprinklers don't reach or I want to be watered that way. Hot and dry Southern California so I use a ton of water again compounding the problem.

    I've tried to stay as Organic as possible for most of 10 years but the Buds on Sticks for most of the plants the last 2 years was the Last Straw. The Magic of Modern Chemistry (Ammonium Sulfate) works nearly instantly to lower soil PH.

    It was like I'd erased 10 years of bad water in one stroke and the plants look like they did back when the soil was fresh and just been mixed.

  20. Idk never used the pump without air stones to see the difference. Should be fine if left brewing longer. 48 hrs instead of 24. Id try to have the hoses directly underneath the nutrients being brewed if using a cheese cloth.

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