Plant is over 3 ft tall should i start to flower??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MiMedical420, May 3, 2011.

  1. The other smaller one's are almost 2 feet tall should i flower them too? 6 total. pic of how smaller one look now. ... cant show u big bertha dead charger broke....

    wouldn't let me rotate pic sorry

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  2. depends on your space really, at 3ft now, that could easyly end up at 6ft by the end of flower if not more, so if u got the space id personally get em big as poss(allowing for the big jump in size from flower) before flowering, if your going to be short on space id get her into flower asap lol
  3. I could always go into the garage if need be!!!!

    But i think i will start flowering in about 5 days the 3 big ones are over 3 feet so i will flower them first and leave the others under 18/6 until they reach 3 feet.

    I want monster buds for my first grow so i think a 6 foot tall plant will be sufficient. Or 3 of them. haha
  4. Hope you have a tall garage! Some plants will triple in size when they go into flower!
  5. 25 ft tall so i think im good :)
  6. I think at 9 feet, it would be closer to a tree :eek: Take pictures when it's close to harvest!
  7. yes please do post pics that already sounds pretty nice. i wish i had the available space for all that.
  8. Will do it will be a couple months.

  9. shit dude. I wish I had. you gotta grow some straight sativa up in that bitch. grows like bamboo but awesome buzz
  10. my straw cough is 80/20 so it's prolly going to be at least seven feet when it's done.. my next grow im going to veg one 5 feet..
  11. I think my pants just got smaller when you said 25 feet.
  12. Plants are six feet almost and showing female sex 2 more months until chop no buds yet just switched em

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  13. There over 6 feet now and first buds are showing

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