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  1. Hey Everyone,
    I just move a couple plants into my little grow tent, grow lab gl80. I have a grow blu 120x3 LED light. I put them in there a few days ago, and they are starting to get very droopy. I don't believe I over watered them, but I'm not sure. I watered them both 2 days before i move them into this tent. Not sure if I have a root problem. I just want to make sure there is nothing else wrong with them. Temp is arounf 67-69 degrees, maybe contributing to this. humdity is around 33%. Sick.JPG

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    looks thirsty to me
    double check your rh. when temp drops rh rises
    have to water them every day or every other day
    maybe they are overwatered though. can't tell clearly with that led :confused_2:
  3. I did water one last night and the other this morning, hopefully I will see some change and it was just a little thirsty. The top layer of soil was dry so maybe thats the reason. Here are some more pictures. I had these plants in a different container under some CFLs with a couple seedlings, i lost both the seedlings for some unknown reason and i then moved these into the tent but the leaves became to droop like that and i have not seen any growth for over about a week. Just getting a little nervous that they may be dying.
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  4. look over watered

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