plant in veg wont stop preflowering?

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  1. k .....i had some dank ass bagseed i planted looks sativa dominant. Now i planted the seed and sexed it shes a she lol. so its been back under 24 hrs light now for like 2 weeks and when i sexed her i literally only let one preflower show and i put her back in veg. seems like everytime i look at her she has more and more preflowers. Also ive noticed some leaf mutations like only three leaflets weird shit ...... should i keep her on a hard N regimen or should i put her in the bud room and let her rock....i would rather wait it out and keep her for a mother but it rlly looks like she wants to bud the preflowers dont seem to be withering like they usaully do... if i cut clones from this mother with all these preflowers is it gonna delay my rooting? usally do a sog so my clones rlly dont get alot veg time and i need healthy as possible right out of the gate...rlly like this strain perfect for what iam doing just dont understand the preflowers and the leaf mutations any help blades?:D
  2. bumbage........
  3. Plants will show preflowers in veg, it in short means the plant is sexually mature.

    A plant uses it's leaves for pretty much everything in veg. In flower it's resources are directed into the buds, so when it reverted back to veg not only is it very stressed out, but it's confused and trying to get as many leaves out as it can to use.

    If you just let it grow, it will revert back to normal growth after awhile (probably 2-3 weeks).

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