Plant identification aka "i f*cked up."

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  1. Hi everyone,

    long story short, there was so much back and forth during the initial grow, and i mixed the seedlings up.
    I have no idea what's what now, so maybe some of you might be able to help..?

    Two strains so it's either one or the other;
    EasyRyder &
    Chronic Ryder

    Both auto's of course. I planted two of each, but had to remove one since it turned out to be male.

    Can you identify which is which? One of the three turned out VERY small, but very dense with buds as well, so i PRESUME it's a different strain than the other two who looks pretty much the same, but i might be wrong, it may just be bad/different genes.

    #1 (side by side)

    #2 (smallest plant):

    #3 (one of the two larger plants)
  2. You cannot tell a variety from a picture. If you have lost the names, don't worry about it, just grow them to finish and enjoy. The flavor of the buds compared to the descriptions may help when cured.


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