Plant hermaphrodited

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DarkEchooo, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. So should i try to pick off the bananas or should i just kill it? I have about 40 plants in my room and i need a second opinion 1560410146266.jpg 1560410226704.jpg

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  2. She looks pretty much ready, have you checked trics? And yes you can use twizers to pluck them out.
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  3. I agree, Pluck em or harvest. Something is stressing them, probably best just to harvest to save from another plucking adventure ..
  4. I'd harvest that one plant if the other 39 plants are looking perfect. If you get bananas on the rest later on well then I'd just let them all finish. Seed weed is better than none. Im not even sure bananas can pollinate other plants. They don't shoot a puff of pollen in the air from what I've seen.
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  5. it doesnt burst pollen because its not a ball but everytime your fans are blowing the branches pollon will be waving everywere it doesnt need to burst it just needs movement anything it touches some stamens are only capable of producing sterile pollon but some are capable of potent pollon ive just been through all this with my girls but your later than me so id let em go as been said seedy weed is better than no weed

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