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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Bassin31, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. C9508A41-4D58-4878-9227-BE00725D7729.jpeg E4B43C3F-DCBF-413B-8EDF-0A33B4337B9D.jpeg hey everyone just wondering if I can get some feedback on my first indoor tent grow. This is critical mass week 5 of flower. Any comments feedback, observations, or suggestions are welcome. Thanks all!
  2. Pics in normal light?????
  3. No I have bloom and veg on at the same time
  4. Im saying we need pic in normal light....if you want a response....we can't see the plants condition in blurple
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  5. Most first time growers don't have the great looking plants you do.
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  6. Agreed. Nice looking plants......don't see much to help ya with......must have done TONS of research before starting...way to go
  7. Right on! that’s what I was hoping and looking for. lol no news is usually good news. Thanks I appreciate your input.
  8. Thanks I’ve done some outdoor but this is way more fun. I’m a landscaper by trade so that helps but I appreciate your comments. I’ll fuck up sooner or later and have more questions I’m sure lol
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