Plant healing too fast??? (Supercrop)

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  1. Okay so last night at about 10pm i bent my plant to a 90 angle until it cracked (the outer layer broke too) and i left it there and its been under light since then, (my lights go from 9pm-3pm the next day) but this morning when i checked on my plant it was already standing up and the top has resumed growth?!?! It is only 10 days old as of today and i broke it under the first set of leaves, so the only thing under the break were those two really tiny leaves i cant remember what they are called, anyways is this normal? Ive heard a plant is supposed to take multiple days to heal
  2. this is a pic from this morning

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    I bit early to invest time into training an unsexed plant and one plant to boot. Id wait till it has side branches at least
  4. i know but this plant is just an experiment, i was just wondering if this was normal as i busted the hell out of the main stalk and now the only sign on anything being done is a tiny green line after less than 24 hours
  5. a picture of the break spot this morning

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  6. So how did it turn out?

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