Plant hasnt sprouted after 5 days

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    I planted 4 seeds 5 days ago. 2 of the seeds sprouted after 2 days but the other 2 havent.

    I germineted the seeds in paper towels and put them in a zip loc bag for 2 days.

    They were all put in 16 oz party cups with ocean forest soil.

    Not sure what I did wrong with the other 2 seeds because I planted them all the same way :(

    Just wondering if it some times takes longer than 5 days.

    BTW the seeds looked like the ones on the left of this picture.


    Did I germinated them too long maybe?
  2. Yes. From the looks of it the tap root was like 2 inches long on some of those on the left. Plant them in soil as soon as you see the tap root. They're long dead if they haven't broken the soil yet.
  3. I wouldn't say they're dead. Yes, you shouldn't germinate them too long, but some just take more time to sprout than others. Give it another 2-3 days.
  4. Also forgot to mention that the first 2 days it was raining and the lights went out both days for 3-4 hours, which messed up the 18/6 cycle.

  5. That probably wouldn't have any effect either way, but its better if you keep your lights on 24/7 when they first start out.
  6. I didn't even sprout mine, just put in soil and took about 7 days, another 5 I tried to sprout but tap roots were too long and thin and didn't make it
  7. Sometimes the root(s) dry out. Sometimes the soil was too dry. Sometimes the soil is too wet. I always suggest that people keep trying until they have enough plants.

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